Kristof Schöffling’s Move Digital Commits Entire Resources to Metaverse and GameFi Development

Move Digital is committing fully to the development and deployment of cutting-edge Metaverse and GameFi applications for the consumer market in 2023. CEO and founder of the longstanding blockchain advisory company Kristof Schöffling anticipates that we are on the brink of mainstream adoption of Metaverse gaming environments and is aligning his company’s resources to fully prepare for this inevitability.

Move Digital has long been active in the decentralized gaming space, providing white label development services and holistic support to some of the leading blockchain-focused gaming applications in Asia. Schöffling, an entrepreneur in the blockchain sector since 2015, is now ready to double down on Metaverse and GameFi. He believes that the COVID pandemic accelerated the shift towards virtual worlds where a growing share of social engagement will be facilitated.

On top of preparing their own suite of consumer-focused Metaverse and GameFi applications, Move Digital will be assisting a small number of forward-looking family offices in Europe. Move Digital has long had activities in the APAC region, helping various tech companies and offices in Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong deploy and market GameFi applications. Kristof Schöffling has now established deep connections with a number of highly credentialed family offices based in the regions of London, Monaco, and Zurich. These offices similarly foresee Metaverse environments and virtual worlds as the next major frontier of the internet but lack the expertise to fully prepare for this future.

Kristof Schöffling has come to agreements with these offices in London, Monaco and Zurich to help them navigate the transition to an online world where Metaverse environments become increasingly prolific. He will use the expertise and resources of Move Digital to help these offices effectively deploy millions of dollars in USD capital which is held collectively by the offices. These efforts will work in tandem with Move Digital’s own efforts of releasing their series of consumer-focused GameFi and Metaverse applications with potential collaborations opening for each of the offices. The combination of wealth, tax advantages, expertise, and stability make family offices in Monaco, Zurich, and London highly influential and important. They play a crucial role in managing the assets and wealth of some of the wealthiest families in the world, and their decisions can have a significant impact on global financial markets.

The world as we know it is quickly changing. The nature of social engagement has become increasingly digitized and we are on the precipice of a reality where the majority of social interaction will take place within lifelike digital environments. Forward-looking entities like Move Digital are working relentlessly to build these digital environments. Their confidence in this future is outsized only by their willingness to commit all their resources to make it a reality.